What is Space Cadetz all About?

The purpose of this site is to allow rabid space cadetz like you and me (NASA and Contractor) to comment about the ongoing US Human Space Flight Program plus upload cool space and space flight related photos, talk about science fiction books and movies and other media, critique new or existing tech, and generally comment or complain as you see fit (politics is allowed especially when it affects our Space Program!).  We all know the Human Space Flight Program is going through some troubling times right now.  Please feel free to comment and make suggestions concerning what is going on and maybe how to improve things.  

Note you can reach us at the following URLs:  www.space-cadetz.com and www.spacegrunts.wordpress.com.  No matter how you reach us, think of us as Space Cadetz!  (After all, that’s what we are!).

Concerning site viewers’ and Space Cadet Authors’ comments:

You are welcome to comment on any article or post shown on our site (we want you to comment!).  Please keep your comments somewhat “clean” and somewhat civil and no name calling if possible (no miracles expected here). We will never edit or remove a post just because we disagree with it (promise!), but we reserve the right to delete one if the language is too offensive say for a 13 year old and above (hows that for setting the bar!).  Guess that makes Space Cadetz a PG13 site! Ha!

To get back to the front page of this site, just click on Home or “Space Cadetz” in the Header.

Please enjoy.

solar flare June 10 2014



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