Rules of our site

The following are the rules and best practices we follow for our site, Space Cadetz:

Note: NO Sensitive data is displayed on this site.

Comments and Replies provided on this website by our authors and site viewers are NOT intended to represent NASA’s official policy or opinion – they represent the authors’ or site visitors’ opinions only. 

Unless an article or post is written by one of our Space Cadet authors, we take no credit for any articles linked from another site – all credit goes to the referenced author/site for the linked article.  

The following are the policies we follow when using links from another site:  

1) When one of our authors puts a link to an article/post from a different site onto our site, it is our intent to give full credit to the author(s)/site of the post associated with the link, and we document this with the link.  If a “publication date” is known, this will also be included when possible.

2) It is our intent to usually put our own commentary with another site’s link explaining why we thought the linked post/article is of interest to put on our site.

3) It is not our intent to use links mainly from only one or two sources (though is fair game).   We are looking through multiple sites to get a wide range of opinions and information.

4) If we pull a quote or two out of a link’s article/post, we will indicate this with quotation marks and a reference again to the author/site it came from.  It is not our intent to write out all the words from the linked article.  Viewers should activate the attached link to read the article/post.

5) Posted artwork, cartoons, and photographs will also be given referenced credit when this information is available.  

If any of our Space Cadet Authors’ commentary, comments or replies are reproduced on another link, we request the above rules also be followed to give our site credit, but this of course cannot be mandated.  😀

The above ground rules have been established after referencing the following site:

Requested guidelines concerning site viewers’ and Space Cadet Authors’ comments and replies:

Authors and Site Viewers are always welcome to comment or reply on any article or post shown on our site (we encourage comments!).  Please keep your comments and replies somewhat “clean” and somewhat civil and no name calling if possible (no miracles expected here). We will never edit or remove a post just because we disagree with it (promise!), but we reserve the right to delete one if the language is too offensive say for a 13 year old and above (hows that for setting the bar!).  Guess that makes Space Cadetz a PG13 site! Ha!

To get back to the front page of this site, just click on Home or “Space Cadetz” in the Header.

solar flare June 10 2014


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