NASA Space Shuttle Data Tapped To Combat Climate Change – OPINION

AdminCadet: First let me say that I am not a “believer” that human produced CO2 is the prime cause behind the climate change that our Earth is apparently experiencing today.  Recent analysis results produced by several of my colleagues, strongly suggest that any climate change that is occurring is most likely due to a natural cyclic phenomenon seen throughout the history of our planet and not human produced CO2.   “The wonderful thing about science” Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson likes to say, “is that it doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.  It is based on data.”  Well someone needs to look closer at the data.  But that is neither here nor there for this article.

The bottom line is that the White House is going to allow release of data collected by the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission or SRTM which flew onboard the space shuttle Endeavor in the year 2000 to assist in this nation and the world’s “fight” against climate change.  This is the same Administration who allowed the cancellation of the Shuttle Program with two-thirds of life still remaining on our vehicles, and left America without a US crew transport vehicle to our International Space Station.  I find it grimly humorous that the Administration now has turned toward Shuttle produced data for assistance.  I guess the Shuttle Program was actually good for something?

If this more accurate topography data is used, as claimed by many, to understand Earth’s topography more clearly and thus prepare for the negative impacts of global warming (such as rising sea levels and coastal erosion) then the sharing of this data is a good thing.  If the data is also used to put more pressure on the US Congress to legislate CO2 producing industries out of existence, then, in my humble opinion, that is a very bad thing.  I guess, if the second result were to occur, not only can our current Administration claim that they eliminated the Space Shuttle Program in their attempt to downsize NASA in favor of the private sector, they can also say they crippled America’s energy production industry in favor of a belief system based on emotional pseudo-science.  But then, our Administration does not seem to embrace science-based facts except when doing so furthers its political goals.

Here is the story

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission 2000

Article credit: / Megan Gannon, News Editor / September 26, 2014.  Image credit:


3 thoughts on “NASA Space Shuttle Data Tapped To Combat Climate Change – OPINION

  1. I’m kinda lost…
    First… I’m not sure why the SRTM data was not released earlier. Any proprietary time period for the instrument PI to publish first has long since expired.
    Second… how can NASA possibly claim the release of these topography data has any real benefit to studying climate change. All it does is add a few decimal points to the accuracy of surface elevations. Ok, cool, but… big deal. This data set certainly as NO BEARING on helping to explain climate change or in any way better understand atmospheric CO2 content.

    Meh… this news release is much ado about thing… IMHO.

    One little clarification… while it’s true the Obama administration oversaw the end of Shuttle, they didn’t start that ball rolling. GW sent us down that path in 2004 and doomed Constellation from the start by never funding it appropriately. Obama’s failure could alternatively be seen as a) not giving CxP a chance by “fixing” it, or b) killing CxP and not giving us anything to replace it.

    • Understand. Yes GW started the cancellation. That’s why I said “allowed” the cancellation to occur. Mr. Obama could have stopped it, or delayed the cancellation until we had CxP ready to fill the gap.

      But how interesting that the topography data isn’t really much help. What a bunch of political hooey huh!

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