Keely Warren Hartsfield Obitiary

Flashgordan2014: Sad to say that there was a Double tragedy for the Hartsfields–father and daughter.

Article and Photo Credit: The Citizen/Bay Area –


2 thoughts on “Keely Warren Hartsfield Obitiary

  1. Keely Hartfield’s father, Henty Hartsfield Jr., one of our NASA astronauts, also sadly passed away recently [Article credit:, July 22, 2014]:

    “Henry Hartsfield Jr., who flew on three NASA space shuttles, including as the pilot of the final test flight of the Columbia and as the commander of the maiden mission of the Discovery, died on Thursday (July 17, 2014). He was 80.

    His death was announced by the space agency, which did not say where he died or specify the cause.

    Both courageous and fortunate, Mr. Hartsfield flew on the two shuttles — the Columbia and the Challenger — whose histories ended in calamity.

    An Air Force pilot who became a NASA astronaut in 1969, Mr. Hartsfield was a member of the astronaut support team for Apollo 16 in 1972, the fifth mission to land men on the moon, and of three Skylab missions. But he did not make his first spaceflight until 1982, when he was part of the two-man crew (along with the commander, Thomas K. Mattingly II, a Navy captain) of the Columbia, the first of the reusable winged planes known as space shuttles, on its fourth and last test flight…”

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