What happened to Charlie Bolden?

Flashgordan2014: Sometimes I feel Bolden, the administration, and congress have not taken the time and effort to restructure the agency based on the political realities that exist today along with the importance of a strong space program. This administration and congress as well as others in the past are full of lawyers (nothing against them) and haven’t a clue about the STEM aspects of a strong space program that contributes to a strong nation.


With his recent comments the question on many space enthusiasts' minds is - what has happened to Charles Bolden? Photo Credit: Jason Rhian / SpaceFlight Insider

Credit:Spaceflight Insider, Collin Skocik, March 30, 2014


2 thoughts on “What happened to Charlie Bolden?

  1. This is a very harsh description of our NASA Administrator which, unfortunately, I can’t totally disagree with. At first many of us were thrilled when Charlie, one of our own, got the job of leading our agency. But that feeling quickly dissipated into disbelief and horror as Charlie started implementing actions that have slowly degraded the human space flight program to what we have today. I would say the fault is most likely more with our President in Washington DC, who never has had much love or vision for the human space flight program, than with Charlie. Charlie just follows orders. Some folks say that Charlie buys into the Marine “yes sir” paradigm too much. That is a very strong possibility. I do definitely blame Charlie that he hasn’t thrown his badge on the table years ago and said “no, heck no” to Mr. Obama. That would have at least sent a strong message. At first I did wonder if Charlie was sticking around to try and protect NASA from his deputy Lori Garver (who wanted to dismantle NASA and put all the funding into Commercial Crew – she has never forgotten her past personal grievances with our agency) but now that she’s gone, thank goodness, (unless Hilary gets elected) that’s no longer an excuse. The lowest moment in my opinion was when the destinations of the decommissioned Shuttles were announced. Charlie took the blame when NASA Johnson Space Center (JSC), the home of the Shuttle Program office, the astronauts’ permanent home base, the Orbiter design team, and the location of Mission Control, didn’t get a Shuttle, but New York, a Democratic state, did. Charlie said it was his decision and that he had based it on the limited number of international visitors that come to JSC each year (pure idiocy). Right after that, NYC left the Enterprise out on a barge to sit in Hurricane Sandy where it was swamped and damaged due to being pummeled by wind blown water. Charlie is a huge disappointment to the NASA team which is very very sad. We needed an advocate not a yes man.

    • Good points! Perhaps, the “yes sir” paradigm of a soldier to the commander of chief was known from the beginning and that is why he was chosen. It’s pure conjecture on my part but would make sense. I guess someday someone will write a book about what really went on. Until then, we can only speculate.

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