After Early Difficulties, ESA-led Mercury Mission on Track for 2016 Launch “Managers of Europe’s ambitious BepiColombo mission to Mercury, which began development with cost overruns and schedule delays, said the program has now stabilized and is on track to meet its mid-2016 launch date…”

Credit:, Peter B. de Selding, July 10, 2014


One thought on “After Early Difficulties, ESA-led Mercury Mission on Track for 2016 Launch

  1. It is really thrilling to see ESA and JAXA working together on such an ambitious mission. Gives you hope that our international partners are filling in for the many gaps left by the US in this time of political “under-support” of space exploration – in this case in the area of space science. I’m particularly interested in how well the ion-electric engines perform during their long journey. Also it will interesting to observe the performance of the two orbiters’ electronics and other hardware in the extreme environments they will see as they orbit Mercury. The article indicates modification and certification of the vehicles’ components (especially electronics) was difficult due to the expected Mercury environments (which makes sense). Of course, since the two orbiters won’t arrive at Mercury until 2024, I hope I’m around to hear the results! Thx for the very interesting post.

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