NASA finalizes contract to build the most powerful rocket ever

AdminCadet: The following LA Times article discusses the new rocket known as the SLS (Space Launch System) being designed for lifting the Orion capsule and heavy cargo beyond Low Earth Orbit (LEO) for possible Moon and Mars missions.  Some feel this rocket is too large and too costly and will only be able to be launched once a year or every other year, making timely and cost effective missions impossible.  Others feel this rocket is vital to our future human exploration of our solar system.  Do you have an opinion?  Feel free to comment…  “NASA has reached a milestone in its development of the Space Launch System, or SLS, which is set to be the most powerful rocket ever and may one day take astronauts to Mars.  After completing a critical design review, Boeing Co. has finalized a $2.8-billion contract with the space agency. The deal allows full production on the rocket to begin…”

SLS Art 1 - 2014

SLS Art 2 - 2014

Article Credit: – W.J. Hennigan – July 2, 2014



One thought on “NASA finalizes contract to build the most powerful rocket ever

  1. SLS better hope that SpaceX is not successful with their Falcon 9 Heavy launch next year. Otherwise SLS will become a dinosaur very quickly. I knew SLS was in trouble when they based their upper stage design after the Delta rather than the Atlas. Mass fraction is king for upper stages and they gave up many metric tons of performance to allow Boeing to design and build rather than Lockheed. These compromises will come back to haunt them in their competition with SpaceX.

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