NASA’s Robot Astronaut Inspiring Tech Advances Here on Earth

NASA’s Robot Astronaut Inspiring Tech Advances Here on Earth

AdminCadet: What do you think of NASA’s humanoid robot, Robonaut 2, currently aboard the International Space Station, and it’s role in current and future space exploration?  Read’s article below and feel free to comment…

Robonaut 2 “A humanoid robot aboard the International Space Station is inspiring technology that could be useful to both astronauts and people on Earth.  NASA’s Robonaut 2, which arrived at the orbiting lab in 2011, has human-like arms and hands capable of performing simple tasks such as flipping switches and grasping objects…”

Photo Caption: “Aboard the International Space Station, astronaut Karen Nyberg indulges in a moment of levity with Robonaut 2.  Image tweeted on June 28, 2013.

Article Credit: – Kelly Dickerson, Staff Writer – June 29 2014.  Photo Credit: Karen Nyberg (via Twitter as @AstroKarenN) – June 28 2013


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