SETI Scientists Predict Alien Life Discovery Within 25 Years

SETI Scientists Predict Alien Life Discovery Within 25 Years

SETI scientists in making their prediction of within 25 years are not talking about a technology-literate, sentient form of life. They are simply stating that we will find recognizable living things in space in this next quarter century. This prediction was confidently stated on March 10 at Innovation Union – A Europe 2020 Initiative, by Dr. Seth Shostak, Senior Astronomer, SETI Institute, a radio astronomer who graduated from Princeton University and California Institute of Technology. Those are decent credentials so we can state that this prediction about alien life being discovered comes from a knowledgeable source.


Credit: – lenrosen4 – March 20 2014


3 thoughts on “SETI Scientists Predict Alien Life Discovery Within 25 Years

  1. it doesn’t have to have a glowing finger that heals flowers for me to get excited about it. I wonder how the naming rights, or rather name selection, would go down. Spielberg vs SETI, NASA. I imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger will still be alive and as such have that governor olympianstor entitlement. biggest showdown of all space and time…
    Ali and what, now old man? the kids, the kids:)

  2. I agree on what the kind of life discovered but that life has been discovered. I just hope that naming rights , politics, and religion don’t get in the way.

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